by escapism

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recorded & mastered : SATANIC STUDIO
front cover : EWA GALAK


released October 8, 2014



all rights reserved


escapism Krakow, Poland

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Track Name: 01 - the immoralist
ultimate morality standards are non existent
reconsider! reconsider!
as there's no one ultimate truth
there's no man that has ever possessed it all
expecation of it to come is evident
Track Name: 02 - attempts
certain names were given to our mistakes
certain shapes were chosen
earthshaking intentions staked out a place
in diaries to enable progression
miserable that most frequetly
it's all meaningless
Track Name: 03 - parasites
i do adore my own eyes
they're so decptive
i felt in love with my glassess
let the cracks expand!
more and more and more and more
distortion is such relief
to atrocious compunction
my dissementation
oh sweet dissimentation
i am a scrounger
Track Name: 04 - ennui
leftover were made
out of lungs tired of velocity
i barely can hear myself screaming
but i know that someday i will feel
calm, secured and rested
Track Name: 05 - ecce homo
We, as a tree had planted our own seed
We've set the roots, gave the leaves
We are breaking our own branches
and on those who are to strong to break
we've tied a ropes
to hang ourselves
to hide from fear of being cut down.
Track Name: 06 - fractures
lack of understanding may sow chaos
its seed cerainly will spread
squandering already wan and haggard mind
doesn't exculpate incandescent feeling
impudence doesn't exonerate from guilt
even a staunch friend can walk away
Track Name: 07 - nurturing old grudges
those, who you have considered
as the happy ones
they're the ones who
adapted their heads to
the art of forgetting
you'll never learn
i'd say we all never truly learn
form our own mistakes,
as none of us can truly control our hearts.
but if you can't forget all the bad,
you'll still live by that even
in the time of good
bitterness comes from
where you thought
you were euphoric.
you had the chance to taste.
the wings you have been given
to fly through the skies
made you unable
to walk anymore
Track Name: 08 - past cure, past care
i've read this book
page to page,
line to line,
word to word
you were my favourite chapter
and even if the story has ended
and even if i'm broken down after that
and even if i don't remember how it felt before
experience defines being
same as you defined me